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Ribs and butt

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The wife is out of town for a singing gig so I decided to smoke up some ribs and a little butt roast for my lunch next week. Rubbed with Famous Dave's and Bad Byron's Buttrub.

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Three hours in. Getting ready to foil.

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Looking good!
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Starting to get nice color
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The butt pulled apart nicely but the ribs were a total loss. The wind shifted on me and was blowing right into the air intake. Not sure how long it was like that but I went out to check it and the smoker temp was over 400. Ribs were so charred they didn't bend when I lifted them.

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Should have been there watching , drinking a Beer and tending the process...:biggrin:


Remember patience:icon_question::deadhorse::beercheer:

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Oh, everything was going great until that final hour. I'm just mad because that was supposed to be my lunch all week.
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