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Monkey Ballz

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Apologies for folks who have already seen a similar post from me like this, but I have changed the name of these to Monkey Ballz, and hopefully it will all become clear why in the next few weeks!

Monkey Ballz

Take the middle out of the mushrooms,

Fill with favorite Cream Cheese, I picked Chilli,

Next flavour some ground beef, Turkey, Pork or Chicken with you favorite herbs or spices. Take a piece and place a ball of your favorite cheese and place in the middle, form the meat around the cheese to make a ball.

Place the meat ball on top of the Mushroom. Then wrap the Mushroom in two slices of Streaky Bacon, use a cocktail stick in the bottom to hold the Bacon in place.

Place Ballz on to Grill and cook for 60 - 90 minutes @ 180'F until ground meat is cooked.

Finishing option, did the Ballz into your Favorite BBQ Sauce, put back on Grill for 10 minutes, until sauce is sticky!

These can be made Golf Ball Size using smaller Mushrooms, for Snacks or larger Mushrooms for a Meal.

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Monkey Balls look good to me.

Happy smoken.


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Tasty looking for sure! I may try the mushroom stuffed with Boursin.
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Hi b-one, the Mushroom is the carriage for your imagination!!!!

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I like , marked and saved. . .

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Hello.  Looks great.  Will give those a try.  Keep Smokin!


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Looks good, I will give them a try



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Those look really delicious! So well rounded too, veggie, dairy, beef, BACON, and ground meat.


I bet with smaller 'shrooms those would also make great finger food with ABT's and pork shots!

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Hi Foamheart, yes smaller 'shrooms would be great for finger food while watching Football.

Smokin Monkey
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 The concept looks great, but how are you going to cook ground meat to 160° when you are cooking @ 140° ?



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Hi Chuck, thanks for that. It's all this converting fom 'C to 'F. Will amend post shortly.

Smokin Monkey
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Looks good, nice job 



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