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LF some advice

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I live in Missouri and my back porch faces North. I have the Brinkmann Trailmaster Vertical Smoker, winters can get rough around here and two years ago when I had a different smoker that was protected from the winds it was hard to regulate tempatures. I'm looking for advice what you all think would help.

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I'm from Alaska. Also rough winters.  I smoked all winter by wrapping an old blanket around my smoker and securing with a bungee cord. If your're hardcore enough to smoke in cold weather AND winds a cardboard box slipped over the smoker is helpful.  Experiment a bit when the weather hits.  I poked a hole in my fridge smoker and used a thermometer with a 6 inch probe to check smoker temps.  Just poked it through the blanket and into the smoker. Sorry, no Q views of my winter smoking adventures but, here's a beer brat for ya ;)

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