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deer jerky mistakes - learn from mine....w/ Q view.....

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As much as I'd like to say I never mess up, it ain't so, ha !

One of my co-workers, after sampling my beef jerky gave me a few deer tenderloins to make jerky from on a 50/50 split deal. 

It's been a few years since I've worked much with game meat for jerky so I followed my standard recipe when I jerk beef.

 The issue I encountered was forgetting the lack of fat content in game meat.  All seemed well at the prep stages...

sliced and laid out nice...


spiced and sauced per my usual ( High Mtn. Jerky Cure and Seasoning w/ K.C. Masterpiece Teriyaki Sauce  - because Yoshida's Gourmet Sauce doesn't seem to be available around here )...


racked and stacked, 200*, hour of hickory smoke, 2-3 hours done time, all going well. Exceeeept, looked too dry after 2 hours so I re-basted with more Yaki sauce ( the mistake).

When it came out I sampled a piece and the extra sauce was so caramalized and goopy I was like...WTH ! UGH!! Too sticky, too syrupy !  Made the hard decision to run each piece under cold water and scrub off excess sauce with my fingers then dry with paper towel.


Final product was real good


but the extra saucing caused stress, worry and extra work that could have been avoided.  Next deer jerky I make will just add a hair more sauce for the initial marinade instead of basting.  My co-worker was happy and I ended up with a pound or so of nice deer jerky for myself so all is good in the end.

3 deer caught on trail cam 20 yards from my ambush site. Hopefully next week I'll have my own pile of meat to work with :yahoo:

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Looks great, but with super lean, keep it super simple!
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Looks good. Venison makes better jerky than beef in MHO. Not that I would know but less fat = longer shelf life. Shelf life has never been a problem here.

Happy smoken.


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Glad it turned out. I bet your buddy is enjoying, too.



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