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Advice needed please..............

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Hey folks, major lurker here who appreciates all I have learned! I would like some advice. I have found myself in a position that I must cut down one large pear tree, two large apple trees and two large plum trees. I have used the wood from all these trees over the years for smoking and would like to take this opportunity to make a few bucks as I will not live long enough to utilize all this wood for my personal needs.
Question. What would be the best way to break down this wood into a saleable product? Should I just run it through a grinder or make a more refined product? I don't have the patience or health to chunk it out (which I prefer for my needs) and would appreciate any ideas anyone would care to offer. Thanks in advance for your time! Thanks :icon_biggrin:

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I've seen people on Craigslist offer up fire/smoke wood for sale as is. Basically they sell the trees still standing and the buyer cuts it up and hauls it away. This might work for you...
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Thanks for your reply Welshrarebit but I prefer to do the cutting myself. My experiences so far with letting others cut my trees has left me with many a mess and costly clean-up.

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