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Firebox opening

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I'm getting ready to start my first smoker build its a 14 inch diameter propane tank 42 inches long I want my firebox to be 15 by 15 square  feldon's calculator says I need a half moon opening of 8.29 inches this seems big too me just want to make sure this is right before I cut 8.29 inches out of my tank I've inserted an image from another members build for an example some help on this would be great guys.

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How did you make out with the cut size. I am having the same issue. Hard to cut the exact size semi circle when both tanks are different diameters



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I gave up on trying to do the half moon thing the pit calculator said I could just use a round hole 4 1/2 inches so I made the hole and just cut my tank enough so it would cover the hole it was easier to cut a square hole instead of round so that's what I did here's what I have so far it looks like crap now but it should look better once I weld it up and paint it lol.

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