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Sliced Chuck Roast w/ Q-View!

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Hey guys! Thought I'd show you this chuck roast I smoked for slicing, turned out awesome! I usually use them for pulled beef sandwiches but I figured I'd try to mimic some brisket and for $2/lb why not!


3.5lb chuck rubbed down, I used some Plowboys Bovine Bold, found it

at Bass pro shop, highly recommend has a real good flavor!



Threw it on the weber 22.5''. I used pecan chunks, been using it for

everything lately I think it's my favorite.


Wrapped after 3hrs in the smoke, it was at 160F at this point.

I then kept it in @300F for another 2hrs until it was @ 205F IT.

I added a couple oz of worcestershire to foil.




Turned out really moist and tender, had to cut it thick because

it was just wanted to smoosh under the knife it was so tender.


Awesome! You could have ate it with a spoon.



My only complaint was there wasn't enough left over! It shrank by about half during cooking. I think I'll pick up one of those 25lb whole chuck rolls from costco, I can see this being a regular on the menu. Cheers :biggrin: 

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Very nice mate. And good on ya for trying a different cut..
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That looks great, nice smoke ring!

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  That looks great. I just added that to my to do list.



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Nice , Brandon. Very nice!!!


How much does a whole chuckie run for /lb.? At Costco ?

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Looks very good!
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