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I'm wanting to make a smoked chili.

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My standard recipe calls for a roast cut into cubes browned in oil and added to the tomatoes and everything else and cooked until the roast is tender and the flavors blend.  All that being said I want the brisket to be smoked but not tender so the again the flavors can blend after the chopped brisket been added. For a 10lb brisket about how much time under smoke should it need or an I asking the impossible?

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Smoke until 150 IT and then dice and add to your pot with everything else. If you really want a smokey flavor, smoke the other ingredients as well.
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Thanks.  The recipes simple, onions, beef, tomato sauce and spices, so unfortunately there isn't much else to smoke.

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Smoke your onions whole. They turn out real nice then cut them to size for your chili. I smoke them for steaks and then have to sauté slightly if I don't get it cooked enough they really take smoke well just cut off the ends and peel.
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I'll try that.  I do use a lot of onions in the recipe.  Almost as much chopped as the beef but since it has to cook until the beef is fall apart tender most of the onions has done the same hours ago.

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Have you tried smoking the spices?.  In my case chili powder, I didn't think of if before but the fresh garlic, cumin, Cayenne?

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Marc , hello and another idea (as if you weren't in overload already) .When I do a smoked 'Chili' , I will smoke anything going into the mix , meat (to your liking , I enjoy a fully smoked Brisket or Chuckie)  .


Put Onions , fresh Garlic, tomatoes , Chiles (I like N.M. or Anahiem) , Spices , broth ,if used , and (beans if you have to have them...yuk).


Let them smoke , veggies till mushy and  the spices toasty.  Then shred the Brisket and mix all ingredients  and simmer for a bit . You may not need Cumin ( and I never use a commercial Chili Powder... EVIL)


Make a large CI pan of Corn Bread , and have a feast...( hint : before pouring the Cornbread batter into the [oiled and heated to sceaming hot] , sprinkle a liberal amt.of dry cornmeal in the bottom of the pan and the bread will fall out when done...).It will look heavenly with all the toasted CM on top bottom ( which is the top after turning out).


have fun and . . .

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Thanks oldschoolbbq I got hooked on Texas BBQ and Tex Mex when I lived in Corpus.  I meet my ex there so I know how to make corn bread and I've found with the skillet hot enough I've never needed to add corn meal but by hot enough you have hear the batter sizzle as you pour it in the skillet.  I'm looking for a go Texas mop recipe and a good dried sausage recipe.

This is my go to chili recipe but I'm always looking to make it better I've made my own chili powder but have never liked the result so I use good store bought and modify but I do use a lot of dried chilis in my pinto beans.

Thanks again.

I just thought of your idea with the stock and all those dripping from the brisket while it smokes! :)

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You will be shocked how how much flavor you get by smoking everything together.

When I do my briskets I will put everything in a pan and then a rack above with the brisket. All the drippings make for a very good base for anything really.
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