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First Brisket in progress w/ Q-View

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So here she is...  Put it on at about 5:30, let the Q begin. :439:


Simple season / rub 1 part each Kosher Salt, Coarse Pepper, Garlic Powder...



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Keep us posted....

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So far so good, will be waiting for more pic's! How much does it weigh?
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14 pounder...


Question.  4 hours in the smoker, probe reads 166.  Is is really possible for this to be that far in just 4 hours?  I've been running the pit in the 240 to 275 range...  Party is at 6:30 tomorrow night,  I was worried about it getting done in time, now I'm worried it'll get done to early and dry out.



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5 hours in, added the Butts and took a peek ant the Brisket...


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Looking good.. looks like you had a long night.. can't want to see the finished smoke.

And yes its ok for your brisket to get to 165 that fast..  your pit may also be running hotter then you think?

If it gets done early which it will for a 6pm party.. wrap in foil and then towels and place in a cooler to keep warm.

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Looks great, I can smell the wonderful aroma from here !:icon_biggrin:

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Dwolfpak , nice Brisky , looked as if it were a 'limber' one that would bend in  half easily .  May have had a bit less fat or was distributed well , the stall will tell ( if no stall , a lucky Brisky :drool )


Those Butts you have are awesome . you'll be there a while with them... are you going to foil or Au-natural :icon_question:  At 240* to 275*F , you should get a good Bark and the color will be nice...


Keep the smoke blue and thin and as always . . .

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Here's the wrap....  About 4 am I pulled it out just shy of 180, wrapped it an set it in the oven set at 200.  As mentioned above, I'm hoping this will bring it up slowly and hold around 195ish.  I'll let y'all know how it comes out.




I went to bed at 6:30 am, checked the temp, and it was holding at 197...  So for so good.

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Mmmmmm let us know how well it turned out.  Looks great.



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Looks Great. Very nice color. Great job!!!! icon14.gif
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Terrific looking brisket. I love the qview!





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RESULTS!!! Brisket SUCCESS!!! Fabulous flavor, juicy, so tender it falls apart with a fork...

I have a new favorite meat to smoke...


The Butt...

Pulled Pork and Brisket ready to serve.
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Nice looking smoke.. some, nice bark on the brisket..

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It's a long process but it's always worth it! Great looking meal!
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