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Bacon weave

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Hi all. New to the forum and new to smoking. My question is this, and I apologize if it has been discussed already, how do I get the bacon to crisp on the fatties I make? The bacon gets cooked, but it doesn't get crisp. 

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One way is to turn up the heat as the fatty is finishing cooking. The lower smoking temperatures are often not sufficient to crisp the bacon. This can be done either in the BBQ or a few minutes in a hot oven. This technique is often used for crisping up the skins of slow cooked chicken too

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When I make stuff that has bacon wrapped around it.... like ABT's... bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeno's, or Pork Shots, wrapped hunks of sausage with brown sugar topping.... I precook the bacon at 275 ish for 15-20 minutes to "tighten it up, on a rack, on a sheet pan.... then it doesn't take so long to cook... Time can vary depending on how much "cook" you want in it..
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