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Foam, sorry for the delay, here are some bacon shots,also a tasso ham from Emerils recipe, using shoulder trimmed off of a coppa(more on that soon), and the start of the first ham.


Bacon before...


Bacon after....


Tasso Ham...



Ham out of pops brine, 24 hour rest in the fridge and into a hickory/maple smoke....

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Nice work !

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Putting that pig to good use! Wish I was your neighbor.
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Sounds fun. I am in....
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Piggy looks cute in the first pic...but I will trade him any day for those good looking meats.

The country ham...can't wait to see it ready.

The second ham...cold smoked?

Good luck.
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"City" ham was hot smoked, didn't have the time to babysit the cold smoke. Used a mix of hickory chips and maple pellets, about 4 hours of smoke, then into the oven to 145 IT for a partially cooked ham.

Country ham is done its curing phase today and will be starting its equalization phase. After that It will be cold smoked, and then will hang out till December.
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Great thread enjoying the "pen to plate" theme. Never heard of it's on my ever growing list.

I was curious on how the maple (Pops) bacon turned out? Good maple flavor? How did you smoke it, wood,times,temps? Was wanting to make some maple bacon this winter.


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Hey Radio guy, the tasso was a first for me as well, I've never had it before, so I can't vouch for the recipe being authentic or not, but it sure tasted good. The Bacon is good, there isn't really a maple flavor to it though. Most people agree the best way to get a strong maple flavor is to use maple extract, or just slather maple syrup on when you make your pancakes. 


Nothing fancy for smokin the bacon, did a cold smoke for 12 hours using pecan/apple wood. Then let it rest in the fridge overnight and then slice.

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SOoooo... in continuing the whole hog theme,  Lomo out of the cure and rinsed....


Lomo into a beef middle and tied.


Coppa into a beef bung, forgot the rinse shot.

the "twins" tied and hanging, got a brush of m600, and into the curing cellar.

And finally, country ham rinsed, peppered and into a ham net to equalize for the next few weeks.

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Wholly molly clearly are a on a meat drying binge. I am still waiting for colder weather.

Do you accept hungry carolers this Christmas? I can only imagine how your Christmas table will look.
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Update to the pork overload project...


coppa on the left, lomo on the right, done aging





With casings removed, lomo left, coppa right

Coppa cross section and slices




Lomo, cross section and slices...



Of the 2,  I had to vacpac the lomo to make myself stop eating it. It turned out perfect in my opinion, the texture was consistent throughout, and had an "ideal" salami taste. The coppa was tasty, but the texture wasn't as good IMO, I'm gonna let it rest in the vacpac a few days to let the moisture even out a bit and try it again.


Coming soon, the country ham, out of equalization into the smoker....

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They both look great. I bet they taste super.

About 3 weeks drying time?
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WOW.   That looks awesome.

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Originally Posted by atomicsmoke View Post

They both look great. I bet they taste super.

About 3 weeks drying time?

Yeah, just over 3 weeks, both were more than 30% weight loss, lomo closer to 40%.

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How do you like the fat texture in coppa?
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Awesome looking meat!!!


Do you have a side view of that porker in the pen?


He was sure committed to the task at hand!  :biggrin:


Good luck and good smoking.

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What an excellent thread! The whole story. I am impressed.


Great job, very informative, wonderful pictures, what more could we ask (well except a Christmas supper invite..LOL)






AND those hocks.......... ZOMG!

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Lomo and coppa look scrumptious !

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