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Thanks for the update.  Waiting for more:popcorn

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UPDATE: unfortunately this is not a smoked bear sausage stick making update but another hunting update and not glamourous. I promise that the hunting portion will be as short-lived as possible as this was not my intention or focus on starting this thread. Moderators I apologize, and wild-animal-rights activists I do not wish to piss off. I think most of us here will agree though that animals wether they be farmed or in the wild are protein-rich and are part of the circle of life that have provided for humans to provide for their families and allow us as a species to survive. Most folk around here when asked about animal rights say the same thing.....animals have the right to be served MEDIUM RARE...or in the case of this web sight....stuffed in a casing, smoked, cured, and eaten.

Not-so-good-news is that the search party begins at 7:00 AM tommorow (Thursday) for the bear I shot at 6:00 pm today. Even with a well-placed shot to the vitals, yes, sometimes they are able to run long distances after they are mortally wounded. Some of you probably have similar stories to tell...feel welcome
to chime in. Thankfully it's in the low 40's at night here in my elevation and rest-assured if found tomorrow the meat will be perfect. I had an hour of daylight today to track this bear once the shot was placed, but man did he make like a tree and leave. I've got the best tracker for the job meeting me in the morning and if the animal can be found...he will be found.

As far as the redneck smokehouse goes, for the benefit of all you fine folks, if it's not bear meat as planned then it will be angus beef I'll use as that stuff gets delivered here as fresh as the day is long whenever we want it and We'll give the smokehouse a go as a means to learn or un-learn by using a firepit, a clothesline, some 2x4's, and 5 tarpaulins.

Wish me luck tomorrow, that bear wants to be immortalized and a part of this forum and it's good community.
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Hope you find the bear.

That will be a lot of good meat if something else doesn't get it first.
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It happens. G L tomorrow.........wink

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Please refer to post #2 

I will grab a big bag110.gif

Happy smoken.


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Well...... If the redneck smoke house isn't filled with bear meat, we, at least I need to see some Angus, or White Face, or Short Horn hanging in it.... don't give up now.... stuff happens....

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