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A drink , not a side , well maybe . . .

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Now I don't do Alcohol Drinks , however this would be excellent with some good Rum .


Trish found some Mango Sorbet at Kroger's . (we like the Baskin Robbin's Mango freeze )  She p/u some plain frozen Yogurt and Mango Nectar (Jemex ,I think) . Add ice if you want it thicker.


She took the Sorbet , Nectar and Frozen Yogurt and spun it in the Bullet and out came the creamiest , most delicious mix I've had in years . Reminded me of those good old Party Days :yahoo:.


I believe , equal parts ,the Rum is your idea of right .Thumbs Up


Hope you like this and share it with your friends.


Stan . . .

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Stan it sounds tasty with or without the rum. Especially on a hot day.

Happy smoken.



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Sounds tasty. Make sure you tell her to keep the lid on and NO PEEKING! You know what they say about blending, " If you're surveying, you ain't pureeing".

(And yes I know you can't remove the lid on a bullet while it's blending, I was just having a little fun with Oldschool)
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I know , David. we had them last night and was wanting to post something today  and no ingredients left. :icon_redface:


We do them often , I'll shot some when we do :drool


We found the Sorbet at Kroger , but can be made too :biggrin: .


Stan . . .

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