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Need help finding a good smoker in Houston

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Hello, im new to the forums. Bought a cheap-o smoker from home depot 3 years ago and had some success on it but now im looking to upgrade. Iv seen some nice pits by and im interested in the 16x40 but i havent been able to get ahold of them in a week. iv called, emailed, and drove by but no responce. Soooo if im not able to get ahold of them does anyone have any recomondations  for where to buy one? the 16x40 is $950 and id like to keep the price around there. Thankyou in advanced.



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David th_dunno-1[1].gif sorry.gif.

I hope you find one. Remember to post some pics of your new pit when you find it.

Happy smoken.


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Here are a few guys in the area. $950 is going to be on the low side but with some research you will find what you want...JJ

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went by their shop saturday and it turns out they are still in full busisness! They changed their hours to not working sundays and comcast has their phones messed up. Clears it all up for me and i got to see the actual pit im after. Will be $1420 for a 20x40 smoker including tax and delivery. w000t im excited!

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So do you have a link to the smoker you ended up with?  I'm sure for that price it's a beauty.  If you don't have a link please send a pic of the model.  I would love to check it out.


Good luck and happy smoking.

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David , try "Tejas smokers " , that is what mine is , and it's unbeatable . Any size and shape you want .


And less than the Klose or Lang .


See ya in the smoke . . .

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Check out Pitts & Spitts in Houston.  They are probably a bit more expensive than what you listed, but make great quality equipment.  I've had one of their units for well over 10 years (the 24x48 combo horizontal and vertical unit).  1/4 inch steel construction - good air control with an offset box.  I had great results on day 1 with it and continue getting great results.  It is very robust, I've moved it from Dallas to Norway and then to Tucson and it has survived everything I ever did to it. 

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Here is a list and links to all the Houston Pit builders...JJ

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Some choices that seem nice


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