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Thermometer recommendation

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Looking t install a "grill level" thermometer.  The Char-griller Duo asa unit at the top of the grill, but I was going to put one  down at cooking level.


What is a good one that is not too expensive? I will put at least one each side.  Maybe 2 for a hot and indirect reading at the same time.


Oh, and simple to install.  My mechanical abilities do not exist.

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Home Depot by me had some from Taylor, I believe, not to expensive and designed for ques.....

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Yes , Taylor at HD or Bed Bath& Beyond . $20. and a decent unit . Keep it out of wet Weather :frown:. I check mine before each cook , (calibrate) .


Best bet , Mav. , (I have 2) and . . .


Thermopen instant read Probe. I chose the 'Black Covert' model The Thermopen . . .


Have fun and . . .

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The maverick is a great setup.  Check amazon for deals on them.  I love mine but you'll want to calibrate every so often. 

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I would not recommend another therm in the lid which will also probably be inaccurate?


Go with a probe like the Maverick or another good brand.


Know your temp where the meat is on the grate.  Not in the lid?


A good source would be:


I will personally vouch for his customer service.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Maverick - I have a few that I have been using for several years and they are all still giving great service.

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I have several kinds and I like the maverick the best. 

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