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Cooked too long or not enough ?

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 I did these baby back ribs on Sunday, 2 hours in the smoker uncovered, 2 hours wrapped(apple juice) and 1 hour back on the racks (all @ 225). I grabbed the end w/tongs and had a semi bend with ribs. They seemed a bit tough, I did not spritz and am wondering if I cooked too long OR not enough to get the meat to break down a bit more ? Any help will be appreciated ,Thanks CM

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If you cooked too long they would have fallen apart. 2-2-1 is usually plenty for BB's, but they can take longer.
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Have you checked whatever thermometer you have for chamber temp? That is the only thing I can think of. Sounds like you did everything right.

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Sounds like they were slightly under done IMHO. Up the temp by at least 25° and you will have better success.

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At least with that longer "rack".  You should have had a pretty good bend rather than a "semi-bend"?


Also, if your temps are correct?


I have no problem going to 240 for ribs done this way?


2-2-1 would probably been too much "fall of the bone" for me?


Good luck and good smoking.

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They certainly didn't fall off the bone so I guess I'll cook a bit  higher temp next time . Thanks all ! CM

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Do the 'toothpick' test or until this happens  :



Have fun and . . .

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