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Im still working on the door. Last weekend i used 14 cutting discs for the grinder getting the vents cut,the slides for the vents cut and all the pieces to make the tracks for the vent slides.

When i was cutting the strips to make tracks for the vent slides i didnt pay attention the the temperature of the steel and the strips bent as i was cutting them. I tried to salvage the pieces i could.

I was not happy with it at all so i cut it back off and started over. I got both vents into the door and welded a 1x3 to the back of the door to help with warping.


I still have to make the door latch,but then itll be ready to mock up onto the tank and cut the opening.
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I finished the firebox today. I also mocked it up and cut the opening.
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Lookin good.
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I decided im gonna wait until ive got the new axle mounted to mount the firebox.i ordered a zero drop 3500# axle. These frame mounted hubs have got to go, so until i get it im doing other things.i asked my buddy that works in the valve shop in the traincar place to keep an eye out for some ball valves between 1 and 2 inches. He scored me 2 brand new 2" valves that slightly leaked under pressure to use for drains.

I cut off the old door handles and the small tray from the front. I filled the holes from the old thermometers and made some new handles for the cc doors.

Still a lot to do but slowly its getting closer.
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I'm finally back at it. Works been crazy busy and I had a really hard time getting a new axle for cheap. I wanted a straight axle but had to settle for a drop axle. I really didn't want to have to make lift blocks to mount the axle to but it's what I could afford.

I brought the fork lift home from work so I could flip this whole thing over and around so I didn't have to do any out of position welds on this stage. I also got the firebox fully mounted.

I got some of the reverse flow plate cut and mocked up too.

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You could have cut the spring mounts off, flipped the axle and welded back on?
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Smoker is coming along real nice.

Enjoying the modern art in the background, but the hastily discarded shoe and sock is a bit disturbing :icon_lol:

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Looking like a reverse flow now. I'm still working today. I want a fire in it tomorrow
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I made good progress today. Reverse flow plate is in. Tomorrow I need to mount the thermometers and make a fire grate then itll be ready for a burn.
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Lookin good.
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Just need to mount the thermometers now. There's still all the for looks stuff still but it's about done now.
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No q view yet but we have tbs and close to even temps at both thermometers. I got a good coat of lard in it now and I'll probobly do one more before I cook on it. I got it up to 300 with a few good size splits. I'm sure with lump charcoal it'll go higher. Im playing now bringing it down.


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Just a little update. I did another seasoning burn tonight after work. I built a big fire to really cook on the lard. I got it up to 475 and kept it there for a couple hours so its got a nice season now.

I want to really thank all the helpful folks on this site for the input and all the great resources here. My smoker may not be the prettiest one I've seen here but I feel like it's way better than one I could have bought.
Any one not sure about adding the top vent in the firebox. Do it. The bottom vents do there job controlling temps but what I've noticed so far about that top vent is I can adjust it to have the temps even all the way across, and it seems I can move the heat from one side to the other by adjusting that vent. Not sure if that makes sense. With that little vent all the way open the side by the firebox is about 20 or so degrees cooler than the side by the reverse flow opening. Close that vent partially and it evens across the grates, close it further and the side by the firebox is hotter. That much temp controll is way more than I expected. I love it. I Haven't broke out the maverick yet to see the differences from top grate to bottom but theres plenty of time for that.

I will keep this updated as I still will add propane burners toward the front of the trailer,a wood box and misc storage box behind the smoker. I think I'm going to use rust reformer on the trailer and just leave it with the rusty patina on the smoker,it's growing on me,it's got a bit of a steam punk look going on. I figure it's easier for me to spray it down with oil from time to time rather than try to keep it painted and since its pitted already from its last life as a grill at the moose lodge it'll never be a pretty shiny finish anyway.
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I like the look. Has an honest quality to it. Making good Q is all the pedigree it needs.

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Great job!!

The most important thing is that you can cook with it, ie, you understand how it works and how she responds. You will get many years of joy and spread lots of smiles with that girl.

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I made some bacon wrapped chicken breasts tonight since it was pretty quick.the smoker did great cooked them at 250 or so for a while then painted a quick coat of sauce,bumped it up to 325 until done and crispy. Every one had seconds.
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Damn tasty looking!  :grilling_smilie:

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Lawd have mercy... that is a sure cure for having to figure out what to do with leftovers!

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Took the boys from church camping again. I did 20 pounds of leg quarters. They were amazing. Nice bite through skin.0502151426_zpsahwbi0pu.jpg

I cooked them at 325 and did 2 pans of beans on the top rack which was great. With the main grate that hot I had the pans all the way to the exaust side and tested with the maverick closer to the opposite end and it was almost 100 degrees different up top. I'll test it from one end to the other when I don't have a meal deadline but even at 100 degrees hotter Thats still great for me. Low and slow on the big rack and good baking temp up top for pans of sides or ribs on the bottom and chicken up top.
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I bought the pipe to put in the drains with the ball valves I've got and bought a piece of rod so I can make an exhaust damper to keep water out of the stack. But I couldn't do work. I had the urge to cook so I did that instead.
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