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Smoked tri-tip

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During football season, I started a tradition called "Eat the Opponent" in which I cook something from the area of the team the Cowboys are playing. Today it's smoked tri-tip since the 49ers are the opponent. I threw on a 2.2# tri-tip at 250 right at noon, went to run a quick errand, and when i came back an hour later, it was at 130 IT. I was stunned, so I checked it with my Thermapen, & it said the same temp as my Maverick ET-733. Pulled it off and stuck it in a cooler wrapped in foil and towels.d998de7c52e666e9bf7ee82b7ac697a4.jpgf0355dc169f24311830ad9c4213dd552.jpge1754545b97a063e6256c15950290620.jpg
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It looks tasty. Try a reverse sear on a tri tip next time It is over the top>

Happy smoken.


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Yum, I love TT ! icon14.gif Looks tasty !
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Tasty looking Tri! They don't take very long at all. Like David said the reverse sear is a nice touch for tri tip!
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I don't even know what that last picture is. I did a reverse sear, and it turned out awesome, although since it was already at 130 I only left it on for 4 minutes per side. Sliced it thin, topped it with grilled peppers & onion, roasted hatch chiles, smoked jalapeno havarti & served it up on a King's Hawaiian sandwich roll. Delicious. b842048a7cb3bb2e359d7ce706a6c0c3.jpg5550165dcbfe75934476e03f7b774896.jpg7ac374aade431d2e3cf028e4fa5a9cc8.jpgb0130dc4706c6e0d7ad31b6cd08b29a3.jpge93f85d1699d434eee8715c5662468bd.jpg
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Nice tri tip!! I wanna give one a try soon.
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I could eat that all day long.

Happy smoken.


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