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All looks great Stan.  Nice job!  Keep Smokin!


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And the old master, Texas trained I might add, comes thru with a picture perfect ribs after a complete realignment of the pit. Probably wasn't even a challenge for him. I would use that as an excuse for as long as I could with SWMBO'd, need to tweak in that pit change. LOL


Great job, looks great, just what you need for those chilly days that need a bit of smoke.


You'll need a sign, neighbors please bring your own chairs and meats and your own beer. LOL

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I'm jealous of both the Q-bana and the ribs. Looks like you've got a nice little hideaway there. Congrats!
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Thanks , Gentlemen...  A lot of hard thought and arguing went into I can disappear and let things chill :pot:.and send out smoke signals to complain about SWMBO :icon_twisted:.


Have fun and from 'Oldschool' central , have fun and . . .

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Wow......everything looks awesome. The man cave looks great, and the smoked meats look even better. Job well done. Congrats!!!!! yahoo.gifsausage.gif2thumbs.gif
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Good looking "cave" Stan. And the food looks awsome
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I absolutely love this. I've already got plans in my head for one of my own
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Any pics of the project now?  Did ya get the exhaust thing worked out ?

Pleased to hear ya shoppin' Lowes, I work for 'em here in Missouri, plumbing dept.  If ya have any plumbing questions I'll be happy to help if I can....

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