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Playing with CSR's

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Saw these all lonely in the back of the case, so i figured, time to try out a new rub and a new JD glazing sauce. Pretty much followed Bears recipe ( thanks Bear ) with some tweeks . Did a South Carolina Vinegar Mop on three of them with a new rub mix of my own. Fourth one done with my #1 rub and finished with a JD Glaze. The JD is flashed off, mixed with some of my sauce thined w/Apple cider vinegar and some Honey. Avg temp-235+/- for 7hrs on Sugar Maple and mulberry biochar i made on Sunday. Stubbs, of course. Like the JD sauce with it flashed, no bite( personally i like the bite). Not to ooey-gooey St Louis sauce, just right. Mop sauce was spot on and will go in my book. Hope you all had a good holiday- now where did i put that bottle of burn gel. Smoke on.


          Mop & Rub      



JD Glaze   


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Nice , Wimpy . I really enjoy Ribs of any kind . . . especially Spares . Thumbs Up


Have fun and . . .

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Looks real tasty.... Nice smoke ! icon14.gif
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