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MES Gas Conversion

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Hi All,

So due to a long story (see here) I had decided to convert my 30inch MES to gas. I thought I would document what I did and how I did it.


Firstly I bought a cheap camp gas stove and removed the burner and tap from the base. Next I removed the electrics from the MES and cut the heating element out from the bracket that holds it in place (fundamentally leaving me with a screw in bracket that matches the cabinet) see below...

I then drilled out the right hole a little larger to match the gas tap and tapped the hole so I could screw in the gas connector. I then cut two holes out of the backplate so basically I could have one for the tap and one for the hose.


I then cut the rubber inserts to match the new connections - fed them through and tightened everything up.


Basically this meant that I have a connection into the smoker (normally where the heating element was) and the gas tap at the back of the smoker to adjust the gas flow/temperature.


I then screwed the burner into the the other end of the bracket - everything ending nice and tight. I used the tophole and mounting points to hard-wire in 2 maverick wireless temperature gauges and there you have it. 


So today I tried it out for the first time - everything went well and Ive got a shot of the ribs that came off them for dinner.

Took me a little while to find the right spot on the gas knob to hit the right temp but once I found it I marked a point on the back of the smoker that lines with a point on the knob so it should simplify things next time.




So that's it - if anyone has any questions please give me a shout and Ill be happy to answer the best I can.



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Nice job, glad it worked out! 

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