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Smoking Ribs

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Is there a good rule of thumb for smoking ribs as far as how long they take?  If I smoke 2 racks vs. 4 or 6 how much more time should I expect to add?  Or is smoking different then in an oven where the more food the longer it takes to get done?

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Not a huge difference in either a smoker or an oven when you're talking about more individual similar sized pieces. Temperature recovery might be a little slower when you add the meat, but that won't make a huge difference. As for times, there are literally thousands of threads here on the timing of ribs. Do a little reading on the 3-2-1 method. Then do a little more reading on foil vs no foil. Then a little more on low and slow vs hot and fast.
Lastly baby backs and spares require different timing.
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As long as you maintain a constant temp in your smoker or oven the number of racks make no difference, the only difference in time is due to the meat itself. 


Gary S

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Capt. , hello .  you can do as many as you can get in the smoker.  


They will come off if the same or similar size...


I do a no - foil method and love them    :

   Baby Backs  . . . I can finih in 5hrs. @ 225*F average. These you will want to do a toothpick test for doneness ,


  or Spares . . .  get done in 6hrs. @ 225*F average.

   Do a bend test for doneness . Pick-up in the middle with tongs and look for this , they will be perfectly done.


Prepared this way , you should not need a sauce.:drool However each to his own.


Try both the wrapped method and the no-foil method and choose you favorite . Remember , the more you leave the lid shut , the better they cook.


Have fun and . . .

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