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Offset mod help

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I have an el cheapo offset charbroil and I put in an extended smokestack and recently put a cookie tray by the fire hole to push smoke further row and keep heat off the meat closest to the fire. I'm smoking turkey legs now and the smoker has remained at a consistent 200 degrees the whole time. I'm worried however that the turkey closest to the fire box is missing out on the smoke. Nothing to worry about?
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Thesmayway , welcome . I'm thinking you might pull the cookie sheet away form the FB just a little bit and you should get good smoke . However , on tasting the Fowl , you might find it got more than you though. It's not sealed in place and the Smoke will more likely get to your food.


Have fun . . .

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You might consider putting a few hole in the cookie tray but not so many that if defeats the purpose that you originaly used the cookie tray to accomplish.  I think placement of the holes will be important.  Please post what you decide to do and how it works.

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Good ideas thanks guys
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Lots of ideas in the side fire box forum

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How did u extend the stack?
Thanks in advance
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