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Feeling left out!!!

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Feeling quite lonely, I am followers of all members in the UK forum! follow people like BearCarves, Foamheart etc, but all I am getting through everyday, is post from only one or two persons, like this.

Still need help sorting this out!! If anybody can advise, I would be great full!

Smokin Monkey
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Hi Monkey, not got that problem here in Wales, not sure what it is, might be worth asking a admin ?


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Here's the problem; When you start a thread, don't do it in the UK smokers group. Go to the top of the page, click on forums, select the category you wan't to discuss, i.e. "Pork" if you want to talk about Boston Butts, and start your thread there. If you start it in UK group, someone would have to join that group before they can reply, and most people won't bother, the'll just move on.

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Hi, Dave, I was not receiving anything for three weeks, contacted admin and started to get the odd bit but not everything.

Get regular updates from certain members post during the day, but they all seem to be over seas.

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Thanks Grillmonkey, but it's my Subscription updates I am not getting, not my post up dates. Unless I am misunderstanding this situation.

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When you post a reply or start a thread, are you checking the box in the lower left corner of the screen and selecting "immediately", "daily", or "weekly"?

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Hi Grillmonkey, I understand what you are saying, but it's not my posts , that's the problem. I am not getting anything from members I am following, ie the threads or post that they are starting or reply to. I use to get them, I would have 20 - 30 subscriptions each evening, now it get one! I have checked if I am still following bearcarver and Foamheart, which I am, but do not receive any of their posts of replies.

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Hello Steve.  Did you contact Brian and receive a reply?  If not let me know.


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Hi Danny, yes sent Brian a PM, started to get some things through. going to monitor it over the next week.

Just a quick,note on the next meet, 31 July is good for me.

Once the date is set, hopefully more member can book it in.

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Monkey , sorry you are having probs. Hope this is received and you have no more trouble.


As mentioned , there are a lot that don't join all the groups and that's too bad. If things look as if you need a word or two on it , PM me. I'll be glad to give or find an answer for you.


Danny gets my messages and post , you should too:icon_exclaim::biggrin:


Have fun and . . .

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Thanks oldschool.
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Hello Steve.  oldschool ( Stan ) has some pull in the right places.  He has that WELL DESERVED tag under his name, "MODERATOR".  :icon_biggrin:  I have an idea,  delete your cookies.  Also have you heard about CCleaner?  Freeware that will delete the "shtuff" you can get from just the normal day to day use on the net.  You can set it to run on start-up and you won't even realise it has run.  Let us know if your are still having trouble.


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