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Timber, That's the problem I ran to both smokes, time management. Hungry crowd expecting it at a certain time and I didn't allow enough cushion. Let me ask you another question, if I smoke say 3 3 pound butts, should I use 2 per pound per hour rule based on 3 pounds or 9?

I would still go with 3lb but add an hour or 2 since you'll have more meat to get heated up...
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Thanks JckDnls, that was my suspicion however I've quickly learned that assumptions are often wrong.
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sorry I didnt see this, been busy with work this week. 07 has you sorted out. 

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I get my temp to the 225 range, place butt on till it reaches 165 Internal (that is where i usually see it starting to stall), double wrap in foil with some apple cider vinegar and pull  at 203. I then open the foil and let it sit for 15 min, then close and place in ice chest for 3 hours. Unwrap and it just falls apart. I use a combo of 70% Pecan 30% apple on Pellet, and run Mesquite Lump with Orange wood in UDS. I m doing 12 lbs bone-in-shoulder tomorrow and will use 70% Hickory/30%Cherry on Pellet, plus a 8 lb Brisket.


I have pulled early in past at 195, and let it sit and was not at correct temp to pull, was even tough to pull with claws.


If you have time and space, I brine my butts and shoulders 24 hours, then add rub and wrap for an additional 12-24 hours. Before going on rack I add more rub. I have also been spritzing with ACV about every 1/2 hour till wrapped in foil.  I just started spritzing on my last 2 cooks 14 lbs and 30lbs of Butts and I like how it came out. I also serve with a spicy coleslaw.


remember weather can have an effect on cooking time - I try to give 12 hours for cook and 3 hours in ice chest before serving, and been known to start the smoker or UDS going between12- 2 am.

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