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What are the best chips for smoking trout, and h how long do you smoke them.
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Chip flavor is a matter of preference. Since I have 150 lbs. of hickory dust I pretty much use that for everything. Time again depends of preference. Plus size of the fish and whether filleted or whole, smoker style , smoker temp. & outside air and winds. For small trout 12-14 in. head on I gen. do whole 140 degrees, 1st hr. then raise temp to 165-175 til 145 internal. I like my fish a little moist. If you want more smoke flavor or drier keep temp lower longer.They could take anywhere between 2 - 4 hrs. in my smoker at these temps. with vents full open depending on the winds & outside air temps. Modified Masterbuilt analog & home made amaz. style smoke gen.

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Alder wood is the classical choice.  Some of the milder woods, such as pecan, work good too.  Avoid the more intense woods, such as mesquite, unless you want a super-smoky character.

The last yellow fin tuna I did was on Pecan, at 150 for 2 hours, then finished with hickory, at 200 until an internal temperature of 145 was reached.  I had a sweet soy glaze I wanted to "set" at a higher temperature.  The tuna finished with a beautiful reddish-bronze color, with a savory sweet smoky finish.

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I ended up getting apple wood chips, seasoned them with black pepper a little salt and seseme oil, their almost done.
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