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Slow Saturday CSR's

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As I continue to wrap my head around my new WSM, figured I smoke up a small batch of CSR'S to munch on during the Nationwide race.

Rubbed up and waiting for the smoker to settle in.

Smokers a little sluggish today. It's cool and breezy today, getting to see how she cooks in different conditions. Last weekend it was sunny, 85 and dead calm.
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Finished pic... I'm not usually a big fan of BBQ sauce, but I took the foil juice and ketchup and other stuff and reduced it down. It's actually pretty damn good.

Of course 3 friends just showed up and the wife just got home from work... something tells me 6 CSR'S aren't going to cut it. Never fails...
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Those look pretty good! Unexpected company when the foods done...never happens....It's like my family can smell it through their cell phones.. Oh well....back to the smoker to make more!!!PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif 

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:drool:Those look good!

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