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First Time Pellet Smoke

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Been on the forum about a year now, but this is my first time at Pellet Smoking.

I have had my GMG Jim Bowie for three weeks now,

But due to work commitments and the first ever UK Smokers Forum meet last weekend, this will be my first chance to use it. Will be Smoking on Sunday.

Will be doing some ribs using Jeff's Rub,

And a slab of Belly Pork as I now have a freezer full of it, (we do Hog Roast and remove the belly as it dries out)

Will post up dates when cooking.

Smokin Monkey
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Good luck on the first smoke on that fine looking pellet pooper!!
Pork is a good thing for a first smoke, cause it is very forgiving and also very tasty.
Post us up some q-view so we can see the new smoker in action.
You know what they say no q-view!!! Never happend!! LOL
Keep smokin!! Wolf!
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Thanks Wolfman, will get as may pictures as possible?
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Well what a day with the first smoke on the new GMG.

Was late getting started due to work. Started the smoker, set temperature to 220, but grill temperature would not get above 150, the auto start temperature. Tried several time to set a new temperature, but still at 150, tried several Hot Restarts still at 150, checked auger was feeding pellets, then I found another problem, emptied hopper of almost all pellets to see auger taking pellets in, but no Low Pellet Alarm!!!

After 1 1/2 hours trying, I stumbled on the answer to the temperature setting problem, raise temperature to 220, the lower straight away by a couple of degrees the raise back to 220. This seemed to register the new set point.

And yes, you guessed it, while cooking the Ribs and Belly Pork, the dam thing ran out of pellets, but no alarm.

Only noticed once the temperature had dropped very low on my iGrill. Had to restart and do the up and down thing with the controller to set new temperature.

Yes, it's going to be a late meal!!!!

Smokin Monkey:no_no:
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So finally got finished.

Belly Pork was so tender and moist, Had to crisp it up under a grill.

Two different results with the ribs. used a rib rack, the ribs nearer to centre of the oven were dry, the ribs nearer the side were good but not perfect. Lesson learned, can't take short cuts! Due to problems getting the smoker operating correctly, I pushed up the temperature.

Also had four probes in the oven reading the oven temperature, each end was about 10'C lower than the middle, and the in built probe about 7'C lower. The machine probe is at one end, so not reading the hottest part of the oven. Will run some tests without food and try moving some of the baffle plates, to see if I can get more heat at the ends.

Smokin Monkey
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Hey Smokin sorry to hear about your troubles with the first smoke!! If I were you I would call or e-mail GMG about your temp controler, It just does'nt sound right that you would have to play arround with the temp. setting like you did to get the thing to heat up! Could be a problem with the unit. I here that there customer service is realy good. As far as the heat variation I have read that tweeking the baffel pates around should help that out. Just like any new smoker there is a learning curve that is needed to get it the way you want it!

Good luck with your new grill and keep on smokin!!
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Thanks Wolfman, already contacted GMG and they are on the case.

I am going to do some heat test on the GMG without food in, and try and arrange the baffle plates! might start off removing the left and right baffle? will use the iGrill again with four probes, that said their is a recall on all iGrill Pro Probes. Looks like quality is not a word these companies use!!!

Smokin Monkey
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