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Temp gauge

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I have a brickman trail master offset smoker and I am having a hell of a time with the temp gauge. I am on my second one. I have a oven temp and an electronic temp and all 3 tell me something different. Does anyone have a way to calibrate the one on my smoker or another option? Thanks
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Ryan , hello and welcome to the Bunch :banana_smiley:.


First , the stock Therm. is not worth a Penny. Do a boil test and record the readings of each therm. you have , and use those readings as your standard. Pretend the readings are at 180*F , add 32 to that and call it your 212*F. Same if too high , temp. reads 230*F , subtract 18 from that for use.:cool:


 Some may be re-calibrated with a 'nut' on the back of the dial . Using this (and it's @ sea level , so compensate for altitude ) and recording in your "BBQ Log" , you'll have temp. where they should be. :biggrin: 


Have fun and . . .

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I am running one of these on both my electric and propane smokers, it has a screw on the end to calibrate. I use my Maverick to tweak them and now both hold and read rock solid.

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