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Foiling a butt - wrap in foil or use foil pan?

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Basic question but I'm curious for others input - when foiling a butt to power through the stall, is there any reason not to place the butt in a foil pan and cover tightly with foil wrap?  I'm looking for a less messy way to foil and still retain all the heavenly juices as I usually wrap in foil...


What do you guys and gals think?

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I like to do it without the pan because after its done i can just take it straight out of the smoker and wrap it in a towel and put in my cooler.
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Either way is fine. If the pan will fit in the cooler, just put a towel on the bottom and another on top for the rest period.
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I use an alum half pan for a butt or shoulder, to collect and re-purpose the juices 

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Pan is a great idea because you can use those juices as a finishing sauce.  Only problem I ran into once is that the butt seems to start falling apart if I am transferring to new foil to wrap and rest.

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Cool, thanks for all the helpful advice...!

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Yep I use a pan and double wrap. That nectar is way worth saving every drop of. :drool:

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I agree, I like the pan. I have done it both ways, and the pan is easy to use, and easy to clean up. In addition, you can put a little more liquid in there which helps with the moisture and flavor. I use the smaller pans for singles, and the bigger ones for twin butts (see below), I just have to bend the edges in a little to fit into my smoker. They both fit in the cooler also so no need to "rewrap" for the rest time. I always say try different things on your smokes until you find your "go to" that is the way you prefer to make it. Good luck and happy smoking...goodluck.gif


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