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Roasting Multiple Boston Butts

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I'm relatively new to the forum and my question may have been answered before, but if you will bear with me...I need to roast/smoke all at one time, 4-5 Boston Butts 6-9 lbs. each. I have a homemade 275 gallon drum cooker that I can use with propane or charcoal/wood. What temperature should I maintain and how long should I allow for cooking? I do have an electronic  meat thermometer so I can keep a close eye on the meat temp and the roaster temp.

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It sounds like maybe you've never done a butt before? If you have, just do what you did before. The additional butts won't add much time aside from temp recovery when you add the meat.
If you haven't smoked butts before, you're going to get a lot of conflicting advice. Pick a method you're comfortable with and stick to it. A search of the terms pork butt and pulled pork will get you a LOT of reading material. My advice would be to keep it simple. Rub, heat, smoke and time are all that's required for delicious pulled pork. Foiling is an option which will speed up lower temp smokes, and help assure moist meat.
Good luck!!
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You can cook as low as 225 degrees.  Don't worry so much about time, but plan for 1.5-2 hours per pound.  I would recommend cooking at 250-275 degrees.  Cook the butts until they hit an internal temp of 200-205 for pulled pork.  You can wrap once the meat hits 160 degrees if you want, but you do not have to.  You don't have to add hours for each butt since they are separated. 

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2 hours a pound......but worry ONLY about Internal Temp (203-205) and not so much about Smoker Temp.  I typically cook mine around 240-250 and they turn out GREAT!   If you cook lower you will take longer to finish.



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