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Smoking for Two - How do you handle small batches?

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At a party I recently enjoyed some amazing smoked chicken which got me thinking about getting my own smoker.  How do you handle smoking for only two people?  Does it freeze?  Is it worth smoking just a single meal's worth?  How do you keep from going crazy with only two people to eat this great food?


I'm intrigued and scared all at the same time.  ^_^

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I freeze some, make different dish out of left overs. Also make for a reason to party.

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Vacuum sealer is your friend!


I load my smoker with multiple meats about 1x a month, then vacuum pack everything into 1 lb. portions that I can pull out and use later on for all kinds of stuff. The best method to re-heat is to toss the frozen vacuum bag into a pot of almost simmering water until it is heated all the way through. It comes out hot, and stays very moist with lots of good flavor!

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Vacuum Sealer!!!!    Of course it's worth smoking just one meals worth!!   You are going to cook it one way or another so why not smoke it? 


I smoke for 3.......and always have leftovers.  Vac seal them and have many meals after.   I also find different ways to use the leftovers. 


Fun Stuff



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X3 -- Vacuum sealer / freezer!


I always make extra when I smoke.  There are 100's of things to do with smoked chicken.  We pack up in 1lb vacuum bags, then just thaw and use.


If I smoke chickens I do 2.

Pork butt's 2 - 1 with BBQ seasoning, 1 with Taco seasoning. 

Ribs 6 racks, then freeze 1 rack cut in half, with bones together, so they don't puncture the vacuum bag.

It a breeze for my wife to pull anything out of the freezer, so we have smoke any day of the week.

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Yep, vac sealer is legit and you can poach in it....less mess all around. As far as the meat being used there are many options available, especially as we head for Fall/Winter eating. One of my best all time uses for PP is making tamales....OMG, good and they go fast once word is out you made some & do not taste like leftovers......Willie

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How do we keep from going crazy after our intro. to Smoked Foods :confused:


We don't , we have O.S.D.  , that stands for Obsessive Smoking Disorder and once exposed , there is no cure .


This condition causes ambling through the Meat isle at stores and the outdoor section with an itch in your billfold wanting to buy more toys :icon_exclaim::icon_exclaim::cool: 


Also , you may find more guest dropping by than usual , the smell is infectious...


But whatever you do ...

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I just purchased a vacuum sealer this spring for the same reason you are talking about and it was the best dollars spent,sealed up 10- 1lb bags of pulled pork so anytime we get that craving its right in the freezer waiting. You won't be sorry if you like to smoke. :welcome1:

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Depends on your type of smoker?


If you are fuel/cost efficient, you can do smaller smokes.


The more fuel/cost your smoker requires, the more meat you are tempted to smoke at one time.


The vacuum sealer and freezer are definitely your friend.


For vacuum sealer bags at half price with great customer service?  Visit a forum sponsor here:


Good luck and good smoking.

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I agree with the others, vacuum sealing is definitely a great way to save delicious left overs (and I usually HATE left overs)


Also, I find that it's actually brought my family a little closer because now I have a great reason to call my brother over with his wife and daughter so we can all eat together. Cook up a couple whole chickens, breasts, tri tip, ribs, and plenty of other foods.  Makes for great Sunday evenings with everyone and I get to see my niece which is always fun.


If you purchase just a intro type smoker, then it isn't insanely expensive for your smokes, whether every rack is filled or you just have 3 or 4 chicken breasts.


I myself have the Lowes Exclusive, Master Forge Dual Door Smoker. It's not huge, but its great for my needs / skill. Doesn't seem to waste propane at all either, a tank seems to last about 4 - 6 smokes, and when you consider each smoke lasts at least around 2 hours every time, it's not too bad. 20 dollars for a tank exchange is a small price after all those delicious meals :D

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You guys really have left overs? Seriously?  If I smoke a chicken today, 1/2 is supper. Tomorrow the other half makes smoked chicken gumbo, smoked chicken salad, smoked chicken tetarzzini, smoked chicken spaghetti, Smoked chicken enchiladas, smoked chicken noodle soup, etc etc etc........ Its more versitle than shrimp from the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company! I have not tried it in a quiche, just seems wrong for some reason.


PUlled Pork is the same way. MY new love is pulled pork tamales!! OMGoodness that's a little bite of heaven.


Ribs are not usually left over. Ever, I can't even hide them from myself.


Brisket..... well its for special occassions, besides I like it best on a sandwich.


I think a vac sealer would be nice, but I am still using Ziploc's. Too many other things to buy before a sealer. A MEAT GRINDER!!!! LOL


I too have been trying to better limit myself on my smokes. By doing smaller smokes I get to smoke more often. And thats a good thing! And to say as those above, you will find as you start smoking, you'll have more and better friends and they'll drop around more in the evening about eatting time or just to chat when they smell that smoke in the air. You can't blame them. LOL

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Thanks so much for the helpful feedback!  It's good to know that smoking isn't just for huge parties.  :)



Now to figure out which smoker and vacuum sealer to get!

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Foam brings up a good point for the budget conscious of which I am one.


Before a vac sealer.  I very successfully wrapped things tightly in plastic wrap and placed in a zipper freezer bag with the air squeezed it out.  It worked nearly as well as a vac pack when done carefully.


Good luck and good smoking.

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There are also things you can smoke for just the two of you that don't take very long...a simple fatty is a great way to learn how to smoke, doesn't take that long, and you don't have to worry about leftovers.
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