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Quick Smokes and Bacon?

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Didn't mean to have this in this forum, I reposted in general



Hi all!


I'm still new here, just got my MES a couple of months ago.  Wife really gave me a hard time at first (just bought it, didn't talk it over on the "better to ask forgiveness than permission" principle).  But after several smokes she is completely on board with it!  I've done mostly just baby backs, I'm thinking of trying spares soon, and I just did Jeff's bacon wrapped thighs, which were good, but cooked in about half the time so I have to adjust.  (I have pics on phone keep forgetting to post).  I've been using apple chips, unsoaked, and now I've got an 18" AMNPS and some apple and peach on the way as well, as I don't seem to get good smoke unless I have the temp over 240.  Ribs I'm doing 1-2.5-1 @240, they were coming out dry with the 221@225 way.


I'm looking to add to the menu here so to speak, and I'm looking for ideas on stuff I can do quickly, like under three hours or even less, so that this isn't just a weekend thing.  What do you guys do for relatively quick smokes?


Also, a question about bacon.  I'm not ready to cure my own yet, so I was wondering about just buying a package of slab bacon at the store and smoking that, or maybe even just putting some slices on a matt and smoking them.  Any ideas on how to do that safely/properly?

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Well, Caradoc. A big request . . .but a good one. :biggrin:


We have recipes for Fatties(stuffed breakfast Sausage , Meatloaf , Chicken anytime , Veggies (I love root veggies smoked ) , fruit (Pineapple) , oranges , Lemons and Limes ( to squeeze over a dish like Fish) , Shrimp, small Chuck Roast , Fajitas , Tri-Tips (usually eaten Med. so they are fairly quick ) , Eggs ( smoked on the grate ) ,Cheese , Nuts , and a host of things I can't remember .


Hang around and see what some of us are doing .


Later . . .

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Stan has given you some great ideas.


You have everything you need to find the perfect smoke under your conditions. Personally, when I first started, I loved playing around with chicken....its cheap...and it smokes relatively really get a nice smokey flavor...and you can pull it and use it for so many other recipes!


Playing around with Jeff's newsletters is also a great way to try new things...he has some great ideas!



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Welcome cardoc.

Try abts and stuffed mushrooms, there fast easy and make great apps or light summer meals.

The wife will think your a god!

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I wouldn't do slices of bacon, there's a chance the slices could get too much smoke. Unsliced slab bacon from the grocery is a better choice

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With any raw or uncured meat after you finish adding smoke flavor you must finish cooking immediately. You can't refrigerate until later! Remember, 40 to 140 in 4!

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Thanks for the responses, I was tracking the other thread and forgot about this one.  But this is kinda what I was looking for, thanks!

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