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MES 30 analog keeping temp with chicken

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I have a question for all the mes owners, I did a 6lbs pork butt last week just fine. Today I'm doing about two pounds of chicken pieces.
After I added the temp dropped off and has to be on high just to hold 250°.

I quick looked inside and the element is glowing, and mine external is about 250° also. Has anyone ever experienced this before?
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If you're going by the thermometer in the door it's almost useless. It only gives the temp. in the general area of it's stem. The temp. could be much higher or lower near the food! And that's when it's working! Also the analog is much more affected by external air temp. and wind the insulated & sealed units. Try adjusting the door turnbuckle a bit tighter to help cut down on air loss. Also if you are running an extension cord be sure the gauge is heavy enough to prevent voltage drop so the unit is running correctly.

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Surface area of the meat has a lot to do with temp... more surface area, more cooling.... Smoke should be added to a dry surfaced meat product at a temp of around below 140 ish, then the temp increased to finish cooking... Fat exuding from the meat will affect the smoke penetration... moisture will mix with the smoke and add an acidic, bitter flavor...

A smoker is just what it states, and it is not equivalent to a kitchen oven..... You may be expecting too much from the smoker....
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