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Hello Case.  I am with Adam here.  Can you please provide a little more on the the process?  Do you just add as you go?  Was the brine heated?  How to know when ready?  How long will they keep?  Can you do the same with sliced cucs?  Will they remain crisp?  Is this an experiment and I am jumping the gun and asking questions you aren't yet sure about?  I can only get sweet pickles here.  I can buy Heinz Baby Dills from an internet site and pay twice the price.  As with sausage I would like to make my own.  Pickles are not big over here so finding pickling cucs isn't gonna happen.  Have to use English eating cucs and slice them.  Smaller seeds, less flavour.  I didn't want to have to buy all the equipment go through the whole canning process.  :popcorn  I'm in!


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Well I can't really say. I do know that if you leave them out more than 3 days they start to ferment. Which if you're into the fermenting thing isn't bad. Mine are still on the counter. I haven't added anymore for about a week as my production has slowed up in the garden. I am planning on pulling them out of the brine, putting them in a jar with anew batch of brine and into the fridge, where they should last several months or so I am told. I have been eating a few a week and haven't noticed anything off about them. There hasn't been any sludge, film or mold forming on the surface. It is my understanding that this is how pickles used to be done in the barrels at the stores.

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Okay thought I'd bump this up again. Pickles, still on the counter. Just ate one yesterday still alive. I've had no signs of mold or other yucky stuff. I need my counter back, so I'm making a fresh batch of juice and throwing these into jars and into the fridge.
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Wow. That has been over a month.
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With the vinegar and salt there is very little chance of anything too nasty growing in them, so they should stay safe
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Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

Wow. That has been over a month.

3, going on 4!!

Some of the pickles aren't super crisp anymore, but the larger ones are.

I need to work on the flavor a bit. Not happy with the spices. Still tasty, just not the best. We'll see how the taste after they have been in the fridge. Just added the new brine and more fresh dill.
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