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Hi All, I'm smoking form the SF Bay Area in California trying to use a Brinkmann Trail Master Vertical smoker. Up until now I've been smoking on an old Char Broil coal unit that I assembled about 50 years ago with my father (wife hates and I'm having a hard time getting rid of). Right now my favorite meats are full slab pork ribs and brisket. Once I can get the Trail Master going I'm looking to expand into fish and cheese etc. It seems my chicken runs kind of hot and cold or maybe it's me because I really enjoy the ribs. Looking forward to talking and exchanging info.

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Welcome Smoking Steve.  Happy to have another NorCal smoker join SMF!.  There are quite a few of us onboard here. 


The BTM Vertical has quite a few users here so any questions you have can be answered when asked or found with the search function. 


Have fun smoking with the new toy and keeping smiles on folks faces at the dinner table.



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Welcome to the group. Glad to have you join in. Good luck if the new rig and keeping the wife happy. lol

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Hello Steve, welcome to the forum


Gary S

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