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Tri Tip Helpppppp

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Hey guys, new to the board and was wondering if u guys could help me with a question I have. I am smoking 4 trip tips tomorrow for a party and grilling a bunch of chicken. I want to smoke my meat early and have that done out of the way but don't know how to keep my meet warm and not drying out and going over my temp of 135 when I pull it off. I have heard of the wrapping in a towel and putting in a cooler with hot water. Is there that my best option? The meat will have to sit for about 1-2 hours. Any help would be appreciated as I am stressing about feed 30 peps. Thanks guys- Nick
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Really can't help you much on that one?


Traditionally tri tips were grilled and not smoked.  They smoke well, but I like them at med rare?  Holding tri tips at med rare for two hours would be a tough task. You would have to pull them at a lower temp and store carefully without violating the allowed time for the danger zone of temps. I won't try that.


Not saying it couldn't be done?  Just that I like my food handled differently?


When we put meat in a cooler, we usually foil and wrap in towels. Then into an empty camp style cooler.


Where did the hot water come in?  Sounds like a steam table thing I would never think of for a med rare tri tip?


I'm sure other members will have differing opinions, and I welcome that!


Nick, please drop by the Roll Call section so we can give you a hearty SMF welcome here!


Good luck and good smoking.

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We'll if you have to wait 1 hour, you'll be fine. I let my tri tip rest 45mins to 1 hour before slicing. Single layer wrapped in heavy duty foil on the counter. I cook a ton of tri tip and have never had a problem.

Not sure why you'd need water in your cooler. I'd skip that.

2 hours would be pushing the temp. So plan for 1 and you'll be fine.
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