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Hi Everyone,


I live in the pacific northwest - near Olympia, WA.  I just got a propane smoker.  I have had some little chief smokers that were given to me... unusable.  I have a homebuilt smoker from someone else that I mounted on top of an old gas BBQ... that didn't end well, but the house is still standing and the wife is talking to me again.  Then I made my own... but I could just never get it hot enough.  So, I broke down and bought a Weston 30in propane. I just finished seasoning it and am determining what happens now... meaning which think will I be smoking. :)  Pork, ham hocks, chicken, salmon, etc.  I will ask some specific questions in the other forums.  I hope to learn much and perhaps even, at some point be able to "give back". :)

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Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new smoker!


I know you will learn a lot from the forum and as long as you make sure to post some of your next smokes with pics...I am sure the forum will learn from you too!



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Hello and welcome to the forum, congrats on the new smoker


Gary S

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