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New member from NE Philadelphia

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Hey guys, just joined up. I love the site and have gotten a lot of

useful information on it.


Some info about me:


Location: NE Philadelphia


My Cooking Rigs:

18.5 WSM (2 months old)

22.5 Weber 1 Touch Gold

22.5 Weber (Pre-1 Touch model w/ rotisserie ring)


My Misadventures in grilling blog (No where near as good as this or tvwb):


Favorite Motto: "Rubbin' son, is Racing." Followed closely by the one I tell my wife: "If I wanted

to cook with gas, I'd be in the house!"


Looking to learn and share alot.





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Hello and welcome to SMF


Gary S

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Welcome MP !!


Judging by your blog, it looks like you've been making a lot of tasty things already!!:drool


Good to have you here!!




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