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New to SMF

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Second attempt. I was just about finished with my last post when my browser crashed. Drat!


I am new to the forums, but not so much to smoking in general. I am basically a novice. as I have no "standard" recipes or methods. I am about to change that now though, as I have been reading the forums the last few weeks and have learned a bit. I would say "a lot" but I know there is an abundant wealth of information that is sared here, so I will get to learn a great deal more!


My first smokers were an old Little Chief, Plywood with hotplate and cast iron chip holder, and most recently the Brinkman Smoke-n-pit, which I have had for 3 or 4 years now. My smokes have always be somewhat inconsistent, and after reading the forums I now have a better understanding about thin uninsulated materials, air leakage, and some of the other multiple factors that affect temperature and smoke control. Since I am not very skilled nor have access to welding/ metal working I am going to relegate my smoke-n-pit to BBQ duties only and in a few minutes go purchase the MES 40" at Lowe's model# 20070613.


I know this is probably a Gen 2 model, but after reading the threads It appears the GEN 2 with Glass doors are the most problematic. I am hoping I have better luck with this model. I also ordered the AMNPS and Maverick ET-733 along with a stainless steel injector to get me off to a good start. I will burn the unit off today, and maybe smoke up some pork chops or turkey drumsticks to initiate the smoker tonite.


I decided to support Jeff Phillips and buy his Recipes. I'll try them later since they get rave reviews. I will probably more of a lurker here, but time will tell. I may very well get very active. I will definately continue to support Jeff so that we can keep these excellent forums paid for, if not profitable!



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Welcome, glad ya joined us !
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Hello KC, welcome to the forum


Gary S

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