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Thin Sliced Jerky?

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My favorite meat market sells jerky that's so thin it's almost transparent. I'm going to try and duplicate it this weekend so I sliced some eye or round about 1/8" thick. I don't want to dry it out. I'll be using my Cookshack Smokette and skewers on the racks. Does anyone have any advice as far as temperature and time? Thanks.

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My jerky shrinks to 1/3 of the original weight after dehydration. So I would slice 2-3mm put it on pretty low temp and be on watch. It could go very quick. 

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Check with your market as to how they prepare their jerky. Chances are that it is a whole muscle jerky that is thinly sliced after cured and smoked. I make a venison jerky this way and it is always the best tasting jerky.
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