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Started modding my ecb..

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I can close my intake now!
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Added a charcoal grate.

Still need to add the gasket and vent in the lid.
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nice job. Didn't you glue on a gasket on your lid too? What are you smoking this weekend on the re-designed unit? I'm doing some chili and maybe a meatloaf or two. 

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I like the intake mod too. I bet that works like a champ! 

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I have not had time fir the gasket yet, will probably do it this weekend though. I hope. I pulled a butt out of freezer this week, got it ready to go in tomorrow. only about 4 or 5 lbs
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I ot a thermometer as well gotta pyt it in. i hotta go buy or borrow a bigger drill bit
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sounds good. You can roll up some foil and close up the lid gap for this weekend, no problem. And don't worry too much about the vent on the dome. When you run the smoker, you run it with that dome vent full open so you don't get smoke backing up in the smoker which makes the food acrid. The weber vent is only to close when not smoking. If you need a step drill they are available at harbor freight if there is a store around. 

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Originally Posted by rvial View Post


I can close my intake now!

looks like you have a helper? I see a s small foor in the pic? LOL!

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Looks good... enjoy your next smoke!

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Bobank my daughter was out there helping me. As much as a 2 1/2helps with anything..:)
Yeah I got to thinking last night at work that there really wasn't much point in making a vent in the lid that I could open and close.
I will just drill a few holes later on and save the little bit of aluminum I have left in case I need it for something else.
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I hear ya. I bought a grill cover on sale for like $5 and I use it to cover the ECB when I'm not using it, so mine is just to make it look purty... Serves no purpose, whatsoever... So when is that Butt going on the smoker? Today or tomorrow? 


I'm interested to see how you like that intake vent you made. I'd like to see a pic with the smoker setup to run, so basically just the lever sticking out (a thought occurred to me that it might not be quite long enough and it will be hot?) so wear some gloves? 


I'm looking forward to getting mine going this weekend too. 


Points for you! :points:

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I had not even thought about it getting hot to be honest. I will find out, If it does I may have to rethink things. I am planning to throw it in after I wake up in a few hours maybe even after I go to the grocery store so I can make sure I dont find sojething else i want to make for lunch next week :).
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it might not get too bad... We shall see! 

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Yup we shall!! I found some chicken thighs to go on as well. Probably marinate in some sun dried tomato vinaigrette and wrap in bacon..maybe it will be good!
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Yeah? Maybe? I'm throwing some pork chops on tonight but I will probably just grill them with a little rub on them. I'm making a grocery run tomorrow morning for some goodies to c
Smoke this weekend...
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How many holes should I put in the lid to vent after I put the gasket around the lid?
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After following a recent post, it looks like it's not so much the number of holes as the total area of the holes.

I'm guessing temperature and amount of smoke you generate are going to factor in as well.

If metric helps, I usually smoke between 100 and 120 C, and I have ten 5.5mm holes drilled in the top. I don't think it's quite enough.
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I just don't want to put to many: )
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I was nervous about it, too.  I started with this.



I ended up widening the holes, and I should probably widen them even more, but it was a good place to start.  Another factor is whether you've got smoke coming out elsewhere.  If you've got a nice seal around the rim, the smoke's got to come out somewhere.  If the smoke is escaping around the rim, you can get by with fewer and/or smaller holes... I think.

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I might start with 5 a little bigger than what yup did and go from there
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