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New offset smoker

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I'm new to the SMF and im looking for some help on purchasing a new smoker. I current have a brinkmann offset smoker that i rescued from the side of the road(which has been awesome, but a struggle to keep temp at 225), with the legs hanging off and in need of repair. But, i saved the smoker and ive had it now for 7 years and there is no more life in her and its time for a new one. Im looking to spend around 600 buck on a smoker with offset.I'm thinking i can get a really nice smoker for that price,you know, family and friend size. I still collect my own wood and use lump coal, Im old fashion with my smokin and prefer offset box. Please help me with finding a smoker that will hold temp and smoke some meat!!! thanks

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I am a newbie also. I had and still have a brinkman trailmaster I got from homedepot. I think it was around 3 to 4 hundred. It is a good offset smoker. It's a little more heavy duty than just the regular brinkman . I upgraded this year to a lang reverse smoker. But that is a whole lot more than you are budgeting. Was for me to but I am only gonna live once right! Gonna put a couple of pics of trailmaster on here so you can see how it's made . It is rusty and I still use it. It has always gotten me good results. Keep on smokin!
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Hi phlp smokingpotro87 here....After lookingbaroung for smoker i decided on the Brinkman trail master LE I have used it a few times with goods results. Last cook out I had was 5 bb ribs slabs and a couple of t- bones a bit over an inch thick and all of them came out great. It keeps the temps really good. I recommend it.
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I almost bought the trailmaster bout year ago ,the only reason I didnt ( dont llaugh too hard) buy it was a cover was on nationall back order. Im looking at it again...I really looking for 10 gauge steel (.134 inch). Thicker than 1\8 inch, thinner than 3\16 inch steel. My theory is thicker the steel better temp control. Thanks for all the info im receiving from this forum.
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Have you checked at academy sports the have some heavier smokers within your budget I think they are old country bbq pit brand. Web site is I believe
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Here is a picture of one at academy sports
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