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That salmon looks really awesome man, nice smoke ! icon14.gif
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Originally Posted by cmayna View Post

Not very many.  It's been a dismal year so far down here.  They're all up by Eureka and north where the water temp is cooler.   Our drought down here is not helping the issue.  There is no water in the rivers to allow the Salmon to swim up to spawn.

Up here they are having the best season in years, we'll at least right now. As is the norm
98% coho. Can only keep hatchery fish. Releasing 3 natives for every keeper. 1 or 2 chinook a trip (16-18 passengers). They have been getting limit trips (2) per person for the last couple weeks. If the quota isn't filled there will be a season in September. It's an any fish season so you can keep native or hatchery fish.

I'm happy withy two fish I hope to get out one more time. We don't eat a bunch of salmon but it'd be nice to add some smoked salmon to the smoked x-mass gift baskets!
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