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My temp works ok but not great. My meat prob is trying to work but wont make it through a cook and I have way over cooked 4 pcs of expensive meat putting my trust in this thing. Any of you guys have this trouble?
I have pulled my hair out over this thing.

I was trying to cook 2 tender loins yesterday (Saturday July the 12th) and was trying to trust this thing. i was shooting for a 150 degree and it made it to 126 and did not mover any farther and finally checked it with my trusty thermapen and it was at 190 and was very dry and tough as a boot. Do you know what 2 beef tender loins cost. I have called several times and have never got to speak to a rep. Nor have they  returned my call.

My DigiQ DX2 has not worked since I have had it. I have tried to calibrate it just like the book says and after the first beep it goes to 33 degrees and when I stick in ice water it go to 26 degrees or every what the 26 stands for and just stays there. I try to adjust it up by 6 clicks to get it to 32 and give it plenty to make the adjustment but it just stays there.I have 2 meat probes and they both act the same way.

If your can help i would appreciate it