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Ribs with Q view

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Smoked 2 racks of spareribs. Was supposed to have a typhoon so figured would smoke something since you don't need power to smoke lol. 







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Hello brg.  Long time no speak!  Usually I am delivering you bad news, glad this time is different.  GREAT lookin ribs!  FINE job.  Keep Smokin!


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Thank you Danny. Ya haven't been on here much lately.

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Great lookin ribs ! icon14.gif
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Seems I read in the news that some one cancelled the Typhoon due to lack of interest.  Did you do that?


<Chuckles> Nice looking ribs!

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Hey Guys, I'm going to be smoking my first baby backs. Can anyone give me a rundown of smoker temp, what to bring the meat temp to, and an estimate of how long I should plan for? I know all meet cooks at different rates and temp is more important....thanks guys! I'll follow with pics once I get going!
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