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Smoker from electric stove ????

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Did a search but didn`t find anything, was wondering why a person couldn`t build a smoker from a electric stove like ya have in your kitchen.

Seems that everything is already there, punch or drill a hole in the bottom for drain and one in the top for a vent. Could use the pan drawer under it to store things in.

One of those A-Maze- Product smokers would work well in it.

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Someone here recently mentioned having done that,  so maybe you need to try different search terms.


Sounds good but you'd have to figure out some kind of drip management because the stove design doesn't anticipate that. And since most electric stoves I've seen have their exhaust vent in one of the rear burners, you'd have to design around that.


If you do it, then for the heck of it go badass and paint it black.

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You can make a smoker out of anything that can enclose an area. Alton Brown on TV used a cardboard box which worked fine. I saw my Pop once use a gutted washing machine. As to the electric stove, professional chefs have these cute little chip boxes where they light the chips and close the box to start the smolder and stick in the stove. I would hate to be the stove cleaner that day......


Just be careful, you are dealing with electricity and it'll lay in the grass and sneak up on ya.

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Thanks for the replies, I doubt I`ll build one as I just bought a Masterbuilt electric smoker just thought I`d ask for conversation.

I think it would be a pretty easy conversion, most stoves are 220 v though but that would hurt either if available.

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I have been tweaking this design for 2 years now.  It now has an Auber PID controller & switches that I can turn the upper element on or off &the lower element can be hi, lo, or off.  Note the copper pans I fill with hot water at the beginning of a smoke.  Just finished  34 # of pastrami that people were raving over.  I don't use the Bradly smoke generator due to the cost of using it compared to pellets in an Amaze-N-Smoker in the mailbox.


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