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Is this really a chuck eye roast?

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I picked this up at Costco here in Japan earlier this week, and I'm planning to cook it on Sunday.  It's my first attempt at a larger cut of beef (3.5 lbs. is large for me), so I'm a bit nervous. Beef is considerably more expensive in Japan these days.  Mainly, though, after lots of research on the web, I'm beginning to doubt whether this is really a chuck eye roast, although the label clearly identifies it as such.




I need to decide whether to cook it to a medium rare 130-135 IT, or slap some heavy rub on it and go up to 195.


Any suspicions or suggestions?

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It looks like one, at 3.5 lbs its heavy enough to be one.


How thick is it?

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About two to two and a half inches, more or less throughout the cut.  Not much of a bulge in the center.


It was by far the cheapest cut in the beef case (except for ground beef).

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I would say your good to go to the higher IT.


You going to pull it?

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Good to go to the higher IT, meaning don't try the lower one?  I'm planning to slice it either way.

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I would go to the 180 - 190 range to melt some of the fat.  Still can slice it.

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That looks like the chuck eye roasts I get here in Ohio. Usually take them up to 205 and make pulled beef. Combine it with Chef JJ's Au Jus and it is awesome! Great for sandwiches or on a pile of mashed potatoes.
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The meat in the pic looks like a basic ubiquitous chuck steak/roast to me, it's definitely not what's called "chuck eye roast" in my area.

Chuck eye roast is relatively tender, we cook it rare or medium's ruined above that, IMHO.

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i would consider that a chuck roast, what we would call the chuck eye roast would be the piece left if the tag on the package,that would be cut out of the whole chuck before it was sliced to make a chuck eye roast."in these parts anyway"

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The link which DiggingDogFarm referred to has changed as the site has redesigned their nav structure. The new link to the same page is:

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