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Hello from MO

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Hey Everyone,


Just joined the site.  I'm in St. Louis, MO, home to what is fast becoming a great place for barbecue!  I'm not new to smoking, but at the present time I don't own a dedicated smoker.  I do all mine on my standard Weber Kettle.  It gets the job done, but is probably a bit more work than what some of you smoking gurus out there are using!  At some point I would like to get a smoker, but for now the trusty Weber will have to do!!


Anyway, glad to be on the site, looking forward to getting some great information/advice, and giving it out, when I can.



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Hey bud if it works and produces some good BBQ then thats all you need right! Welcome from Canada!

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Hey neighbor.  Welcome to the club.

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Welcome to the forum
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Hello and Welcome from East Texas


gary S

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