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Greetings From Oakland, FL

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Hello All-

Out of the clear blue my wife surprised me with a smoker a few weeks back. I knew nothing about smoking so I started googling my questions and I always found the answers here so I'm sticking around!

The new toy/obsession is a 30" Masterbuild Propane Smoker and I've done a few mods based on stuff I've seen on the boards already.

And no...I still haven't figured out what her motive is. But we all know there is one.

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Welcome to the board! Once you get the smoker figured out, I'll move in next door and dig a hole under your fence.

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Good BBQ !!!!     She wants good BBQ     and welcome to SMF from East Texas. Congrats on the new smoker. browse through the different forums and threads, lots of tips, information and opinions 



Gary S

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